Semen Analysis: Problem, Procedure, Results and More

Semen Analysis: Problems, Procedure, Results in addition to good educational video about Semen analysis and wonderful advices for women and men.

Semen analysis

Semen analysis

The dream of every couple to have a baby so when the delay must search for problem occurs.

This analysis done due to the delay pregnancy for wife at the beginning of the marriage during the first year, or after a routine sexual intercourse without wife pregnancy.

Specialist doctors need Semen analysis for fast diagnosis (Doctors of the reproductive system – Doctors masculinity and infertility disease, Doctors sciatica and gynaecology) and doctors start treatment after the result of this test, because it is the fastest and easiest ways to detect problems before the work of tests and analysis to the wife because they are many and painful and expensive financially and need a great time.

Find the source of the problem is the beginning of the solution، Semen analysis beginning to solve the problem for the man because semen analysis reveals the number and health of sperm.

Semen analysis is the test that count of a sperm, in addition to analysis the strength, health and the validity of the sperm of a man, man semen is a thin liquid consists of sperm, protein materials and other sugar.

Semen collection methods

There are different way used for collection the semen for semen analysis

Sexual intercourse with condom.

Sexual intercourse with avoiding ejaculation in the vagina.

Onanism (masturbation).

Stimulate ejaculation-using electricity.

Instructions for semen analysis preparation

Man should be avoid sexual intercourse and ejaculation for 24 to 72 hours before taking the semen sample.

Stop taking any hormone medications even if they are for treatment.

Must avoid drink alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and drugs such as opium or cocaine at least 2 days before the test.

Avoid using any herbal medications for treatment any disease such as St John’s wort.

Stop taking an antibiotic before the test.

Avoid contamination of semen sample.

Sample should immediately store in optimum temperature (body temperature).

The sample container should be sterilized.

The patient must tell the doctor if he take any drug medications.

Semen sample must be delivered to the lap after 30 minutes.

Seminal fluid components

Fructose sugar give energy for sperm.

Buffer solution to maintain the pH.


Enzymes to support semen during fertilization process.

Semen analysis factors

Semen comes after sexual ejaculation; there are three important factors in semen analysis test:

The form of the sperm, the motility and activity of the sperm, and the exact number of sperm.


Normal volume of semen between 1ml and 6 ml.

Sperm count

The total number of sperms in normal person between 40 million and 120 million in 1 ml of semen.

The abnormal count less than 20 million sperms in 1 ml of semen.

Colour or appearance

The normal colour of semen is (Dignified white or White Grey), the abnormal colour is White reddened, and this colour indicate to presence of RBCS.


The normal semen pH level between 7.1 and 7.8


Normal liquefaction should take time between 15 minutes to 30 minutes Before the sample liquefies, as soon as ejaculation the sperm become thick after that the Liquefaction support the sperm to move quickly.

Abnormal Liquefaction happens when semen does not turn to a watery consistency between 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

Morphology of the sperm

Normal sperm parts

Head that contain the genes and genetic factors.

Middle part (neck) responsible for sperm kinetic energy.

Tail is responsible for the payment of the sperm inside the female reproductive channel.

Fructose level

Presence of fructose sugar is essential for sperm energy.

Motility (movement)

Movement characterized to

Active sperm (normal after 2 hours about 80% of semen in some cases reach to 50%).

Slow sperm.

Sperm dead.

Sperm production factors

Factor effect on production of sperm or sperm dead as:

Hormonal disorders such as FSH, LH, growth, testosterone and thyroxine hormones.

Changing in Temperature may lead to deformation and death of sperms.

Lack of certain nutrients.

Laceration and cirrhosis of the testicles.

Delays in the treatment of testicular outstanding at a young age.

The lack of the spermatic cord or blockage due to gonorrhoea

Imbalance in the composition of seminal fluid (such as reduced amount of fructose).

Lack of hygiene at the sample collection.

Time delay in the collection of the sample and the temperature change until they reach the lab.

Immune disease (which leads to the presence of antibodies that attack sperm).

Infections of the male reproductive system due to surgical interventions.

Testicles exposed to radiation or any dangerous and harmful treatment.

Because some diseases that are spread by sex (immoral) such as gonorrhoea and syphilis disease.

The presence of testicular varicose late.

The absence of the mother cells producing sperm.

Abnormal results in semen analysis

The result affected by numerous things such as Infection by many diseases, hormonal disorder, genetic defect, exposure the human to radiation, some chemical compounds, and forms of semen analysis report.

Physical examination

Volume, appearance, viscosity, liquefaction, and pH.

Watch the video below for more information about semen analysis

Semen microscopic examination

Semen concentration, total number ejaculate.

Total motility (PR+NP), progressive (PR), non progressive (NP), and immobile (IM).

Total motile count/ml, and total motile count/ejaculate.

Progressive motile count/ml, and progressive motile count/ejaculate.

Vitality (Eosin-Nigrosin Stain).

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